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Einstein is an fullgrown Blue & Gold Macaw who is hand tame and lives up to his name in the intelligence department. He is a really cute boy
Fargo is an fully grown, male greening Macaw. He is a cute boy. His owners could no longer physically care for him. He came from a multi bird household.
Annie was abandoned in an empty home. She came to us with no history or name. She is a very precious girl once away from her cage.
Lovable Pea has earned his name! this little fellow loves nothing more than cuddling and getting head screeches
Jennifer is a lovable hand tame Parakeet. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL LATE OCTOBER. 2017
Cracker is an fullgrown, female Moluccan Cockatoo. She is a really lovable and loving bird but is a self mutilator. She is currently in a collar and will probe;y require 1 her entire life.
Flock of four Cockatiels. They must be adopted in 2's so they are not lonely. Cream is a Cinnamon Whiteface. Makenzie is a gorgeous Pearl. Veronica is a Cinnamon and Kai is a Cinnamon Whiteface.
Olive is an fullgrown Red Lored Amazon whose Mom's health forced her to give her up. She takes a little bit to warm up to you but is adorable once she does.
Sunshine is a adorable Red-Lored Amazon. She has only had one previous owner who loved her very much.
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