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This is a bonded pair of nanny conures, sex unknown. They must be adopted together. Both are tame and cute.
Pepper is an fullgrown Blue & Gold Macaw. He came to us through Animal Services without a name. He is semi tame and must choose you.
Carol is an fully grown believed to be female B&G Macaw. She is tame but must choose you. She enjoys head scratches from the people she loves.
Rosie is an full grown Scarlet Macaw. She is tame and wonderful and enjoys head scratches from her human and playing on a playstand near you.
Buddy is an full grown B&G Macaw who must choose his new human.
Sadie is an fullgrown female B&G Macaw. She has some trust issues but seems eager to learn and make friends. She does pluck but is a lovely girl.
Pop Pop is a believed to be male B&G Macaw. He is tame and precious and looking for his new family
Chico is an fullgrown Sun Conure. he has onely been with us a short time so we don't really know him well yet.
Roxie is an adultt Sun Conure who is a new intake. More info to follow later.
Merlin is an fully grown Blue Crown Conure. He is very precious and loving to most everyone.
Scooter is an full grown Pineapple Greencheek Conure. He is tame and wonderful
Nikki is an full grown Umbrella Cockatoo. Nikki must choose her new humans. She has her own tastes just as we do. She does pluck and caused a small sore on her chest so she is in a soft collar right now.
Rainbow is a Mobrella Cockatoo is wonderful and tame. She loves to say her name, Rainbow Rainbow
Snowy is an full grown Goffin Cockatoo who is very loving and lovable.
Arizona is a tame female Cockatiel. She is part of a flock and must be adopted with at least one of her flock mates.
Cheeko is an fullgrown male Whiteface Cockatiel. He is tame and precious. He is part of a flock and must be adopted with at least 1 of his flock mates.
Bunny is an full grown female Cockatiel who is part of a flock. She must be adopted with any least one of her flock mates.
Baje & Athena are a bonded pair of Cockatiels. Both are tame and they must be adopted together.
Cloudy & Dexter are a bonded pair of Cockatiels. They are not tame and must be adopted together.
Angel is an approx five month old Cockatiel. She is hand shy so you will need to earn her trust.
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